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Anant Kamath, is a seasoned executive and attorney with over three decades of experience in the Biotechnology industry. Currently, he serves as the Chief Operating Officer of Cellular Engineering Technologies, a company that is focused on regenerative medicine and biological production of critical peptides, proteins and antibodies; Mr. Kamath oversees the day to day operations of the company. In addition to his job responsibilities, Mr. Kamath is a thought leader when it comes to science and human sports performance. Mr. Kamath has presented at numerous international and national regenerative medicine meetings and has been asked to be an invited speaker at others. In addition to his scientific interests, Mr. Kamath focuses on all aspects of intellectual property and corporate law, including patents, contracts and licensing agreements. In his spare time, Mr. Kamath likes to mentor disadvantaged law and high school students, while emphasizing STEM careers and available scholarship opportunities. Mr. Kamath likes to play chess, read, paint, learn to cook ethnic cuisines and use his telescopes to image distant astronomical objects.
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